Authorize the U-M ZoomInfo Zoom Recordings Manager to Access Your Dropbox

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How do I allow the U-M ZoomInfo Zoom Recordings Manager tool to copy my Zoom recordings to U-M Dropbox?


  1. If you aren't already there, navigate to the Zoom Recordings Manager - Dropbox page in U-M ZoomInfo (this link opens in a new window so that you can continue to refer to these instructions)
  2. Click the Authorize Connecting to My U-M Dropbox button at the bottom of the page
  3. If you are prompted with a Dropbox login screen, type your email address into the Email field; if you are not prompted with a Dropbox login screen, move on to step 7 below
  4. Press the Tab key on your keyboard once
  5. The Password field should disappear and be replaced by a statement that says Single sign-on enabled
  6. Click Continue
  7. Click Allow
    • This app only has access to the folder Apps>My U-M Zoom Recordings (which the app will create, once authorized) and basic, non-sensitive information about your Dropbox account, such as your email address
    • You MUST click Allow in order to use this tool
  8. You will be redirected back to the Zoom Recordings Manager - Dropbox page in U-M ZoomInfo to continue the process of copying your Zoom recordings to Dropbox
  9. Next steps: uncheck any cloud recordings that you do NOT want to copy to Dropbox, then click Copy Selected Recordings to My U-M Dropbox Now
IMPORTANT: Do not remove the U-M Zoom Recordings Manager app from your Dropbox until at least 24 hours after clicking "Copy Selected Recordings to My U-M Dropbox Now." This app must have access to your Dropbox account in order to copy your recording files. Since copying the files may take up to 24 hours, removing it from your Dropbox too early may result in some or all of your recording files failing to copy to your Dropbox. It is not necessary to remove it at all, but if you wish to remove it, you may do so after 24 hours have elapsed.

Additional Information

This feature is part of U-M ZoomInfo and maintained by the U-M ITS Collaboration team.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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