Copy U-M Zoom Cloud Recordings to U-M Dropbox for Long-Term Retention


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  • How do I copy my U-M Zoom cloud recordings to my U-M Dropbox to save them past the recording retention period in Zoom?
  • What are the differences between the two ways to copy my U-M Zoom cloud recordings to my U-M Dropbox? How do they each work?


There are two ways to do this:

  • To copy all NEW cloud recordings that are created AFTER you set up this integration, use the Zoom for Dropbox integration
    • This integration creates a new folder named "Zoom" in your Dropbox account
    • This integration copies recordings into this folder automatically as recordings are created
    • You cannot select which recordings to copy--all recordings are copied automatically
    • This integration only copies recordings that are created AFTER you set up the integration. It does NOT "go back in time" to copy recordings that were created prior to you authorizing the integration. If you wish to copy older recordings, refer to the next method.
  • To copy all EXISTING cloud recordings in a one-time job, use the U-M ZoomInfo Zoom Recordings Manager
    • This tool creates a new folder named "My U-M Zoom Recordings" inside of the "Apps" folder in your U-M Dropbox account
    • This tool copies recordings into this folder only when requested by you when you use the tool; it does not copy recordings automatically
    • This tool only copies recordings that you select--you may select all recordings (default), but you may also choose to only copy some of your recordings by deselecting the ones you do not want to copy
    • This integration allows you to "go back in time" to copy any recordings that exist in your account and are not in the trash
    • Learn how to use Zoom Recordings Manager
NOTE: these two tools are completely independent of each other and one cannot check whether the other has already copied a recording. Therefore, if you use both, you could end up with a recording in your Dropbox twice--once in the Zoom folder, and once in the Apps>My U-M Zoom Recordings folder.

Additional Information

  • Because local recordings are simply files on your local device and not available on the internet, it is not possible to automatically copy local recordings into U-M Dropbox or any other location
  • Once the recordings are in Dropbox, you may treat them like any other Dropbox file, including sharing them, moving them, etc

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