Uploading an .mp4 File (Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.) to a Canvas or Blackboard Course Media Gallery


  • Canvas or Blackboard
  • MiVideo/Media Gallery
  • Zoom, BlueJeans, or other service used to create a .mp4 file


  • How do I share my local Zoom recording file with my students in Canvas or Blackboard?
  • How do I share my BlueJeans recording file with my students in Canvas or Blackboard?
  • How do I share a .mp4 file with my students in Canvas or Blackboard?


  1. Navigate to Media Gallery in your Canvas or Blackboard course
    Note: Media Gallery is a MiVideo service integrated with your Canvas or Blackboard course; if you do not see it, navigate to Settings>Navigation and enable it. Be sure to click Save.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Click Media Upload
  4. Upload the .mp4 file
    • Zoom Local Recordings: usually found in Documents > Zoom
    • Zoom Cloud Recordings: download from Zoom cloud (More > Download), then find in your downloads folder
    • BlueJeans Recordings: download from BlueJeans, then find in your downloads folder
  5. Complete the fields as desired
  6. Save
    Note: Depending on recording quality settings, videos can take as much as 10-15 times the duration of the recording to be appear in your course
  7. Recommended: order captions once your video is done uploading
    Note: caption files from Zoom cannot be uploaded in Media Gallery; the recommended process is to request new captions in Media Gallery

Additional Information

Video demo of downloading from BlueJeans and uploading in Canvas
Note: this video demonstrates downloading a BlueJeans recording and adding it to Canvas, but the steps of uploading in Canvas are the same for Blackboard, and the same regardless of the source of the .mp4 file.


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