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This article explains what meetings in your U-M Zoom account titled "This is a calendar meeting" are and what to do about them.
This article explains what Zoom legacy access is, why it was granted, and why it is being taken away.
This article answers whether Zoom Chat is available at U-M and provides an explanation of the differences between Zoom Chat and in-meeting/in-webinar chat.
This article explains how to record meetings in U-M Zoom and provides instructions for saving them to the cloud or to the user's local computer.
This article provides troubleshooting steps to assist with addressing a common error in U-M Zoom: "This meeting ID is not valid."
This article provides troubleshooting instructions for when you receive the "Something went wrong. We're sorry, we've encountered an error processing your request." error while scheduling Zoom meetings for others using the Zoom of Google Workspace add-on.
This article provides additional troubleshooting instructions for when you receive an error that states that "Shared Access Permissions" are not enabled.
This article explains what the new Zoom Whiteboard feature is, why it isn't enabled for U-M Zoom, and alternatives.