Can HD be Enabled on My Zoom Account? 1080p




I want to utilize the HD/Group HD for my Zoom meetings for higher quality video but it is locked on my Zoom account. Can it be enabled?


At this time, Group HD is not available for the U-M Zoom account due to storage and bandwidth concerns. The University has a limited amount of cloud recording storage for Zoom recordings which would be heavily impacted by enabling this setting and increasing the file sizes of recordings. Furthermore, the bandwidth requirements for users wishing to use this feature would impact University and personal networks. If you are looking for higher quality video recordings, we suggest recording as a Local Recording (file to your computer) rather than a Cloud Recording. We also recommend checking the following settings:

Improve Personal Camera Output

  1. Open the Desktop Client
  2. Click on settings cog in the top right corner
  3. Select the "Video" tab
  4. If your camera hardware allows this option, choose "HD" under the camera drop down menu
  5. Adjust any additional settings you prefer to augment the quality of your video output

Configure Local Recording Settings

  1. Open the Desktop Client
  2. Click on settings cog in the top right corner
  3. Select the "Recording" tab
  4. If you plan to edit the video in a video editor choose "Optimize for 3rd party video editor"
  5. Adjust other settings as you prefer

Quality of video output is still largely dependent on the camera equipment you have and the adjustments you've made on your end to improve video output. However, these steps are best for ensuring the best quality recording for future use. If you wish to upload a local recording to share, we recommend reading "Uploading an .mp4 File (Zoom recording, etc.) to MiVideo for Long-Term Hosting"

If you are looking to produce a professional-style Zoom Meeting/Webinar video, we also suggest reaching out to your unit IT/AV team or Michigan Media depending on the scope of your event.

Additional Information

Zoom article that references this feature -

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