Schedule a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else to Host




How can you set up a meeting for someone else to host?


IMPORTANT:  You MUST be in the same instance of Zoom to make some an Alternative Host of a Meeting, or to be able to schedule meetings for them. So if you are in the regular University instance of Zoom, and the person you are scheduling for or trying to make an Alternative Host is in the Zoom for Health instance (Or the other way around), it won't work.

  • First, you need to be made an Assistant in Zoom by the individual who wants you to have that access.  They need to do the following:
    • From on the website
      • Click Settings
      • Click Schedule Privilege
      • Add the individual(s) that should have the ability to schedule for them.
  • To schedule for another person:
    • Do this from the Zoom Desktop Client

You may need to Logout and Log Back in again (one time only) to see the new privilege

    • Click on the Schedule icon
    • Under the "Schedule For" drop-down, choose the other person you are scheduling the meeting for.
      • The drop-down defaults to "Myself"
      • choose the person you are scheduling for as the host.
    • Complete the meeting details
    • Click Schedule.

Additional Information

There have been reports of problems when someone is in the Google Calendar of the person they are scheduling for and they are already a delegate to the person's calendar.  If using the GSuite Zoom App in the calendar to schedule the meeting, it will assign you as Host of the scheduled meeting.
If this happens, you can fix it by going into the meeting(s), edit the meeting(s), and choose the Scheduling For option.

Meetings scheduled on another's behalf will use the host's meeting settings (, aside from the meeting-specific settings configured when scheduling the meeting. It will NOT use the meeting settings of the person scheduling the meeting on the host's behalf. 


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