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I would like someone else to manage and share one of my Zoom cloud recordings and meeting reports. How do I do that?


Zoom has a feature known as Scheduling Privilege, which allows users to assign another user within their license/instance/domain (like U-M Zoom) to schedule meetings on their behalf (such as an admin assistant). You can utilize this feature to allow those with scheduling privileges for your account to also manage and share your cloud recordings, which includes the ability to trim the recording video, rename the video, and set sharing permissions. They can also view your usage and meeting reports.

Note: This feature will only show cloud recordings for meetings that were scheduled by the person with scheduling privilege. (For example, I schedule Meeting A for myself, but User B schedules Meeting B for me. User B will only see the cloud recording for Meeting B. They will not see meetings like Meeting A, which they did not initially schedule.) However, for reports it will show reports for all meetings hosted on your account, whether or not they were scheduled by the person with scheduling privilege.

To grant this permission to other users:

  1. Go to your U-M Zoom account settings
  2. Click the Other section from the list under the Meeting tab, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find the section
  3. All users you have assigned scheduling privilege to will be visible under Schedule Privilege, as well as those for whom you have scheduling privilege

Note: If you have not yet assigned scheduling privileges to someone, refer to Schedule a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else to Host for instructions.

  1. Under the Allows access to the following data for scheduled meetings section, select Cloud Recording and/or Reports depending on what you would like to provide access to and click Save

To view recordings as the user who was granted scheduling privilege:

  1. Go to your U-M Zoom recordings page
  2. Click Advanced Search from the search bar at the top of the page
  3. You can select either to view recordings for All Hosts (yourself and any others) or specifically choose which host's recordings to view from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Topic (title) of the recording that you wish to manage

You can now manage all sharing and editing of the cloud recording in the same way the host can. Learn more about managing and sharing cloud recordings.

To view reports as the user who was granted scheduling privilege:

  1. Go to your Analytics & Reports Page
  2. Select the Usage Reports tab
  3. Select the type of report (Usage, Meeting, Webinar) you wish to view
  4. In the section where you set your search parameters, there is a drop-down menu that says My Meetings. Select that menu to choose which host you are viewing reports for.
  5. Click Search

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