Zoom: Meetings I Didn't Create are in My Zoom Account ("This is a calendar meeting")


U-M Zoom, Google Calendar


I have a meeting in my U-M Zoom account that I did not create with the topic of "This is a calendar meeting." What is this, and how did it get there?


  • When you start to create a Zoom meeting using the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on, either by clicking Add video conferencing > Zoom Meeting on the Google Calendar event itself OR by clicking Add Meeting in the Zoom for Google Workspace add-on located in the right-side panel of your calendar, Zoom creates a placeholder meeting with the topic "This is a calendar meeting" and a date of 01/01/2099, to store the settings that you are entering until you finish creating it by saving the calendar event
  • When you finish creating the meeting by saving the Google Calendar event, the placeholder meeting is updated so that the meeting topic matches the name of the calendar event, overwriting the "This is a calendar meeting" topic, and it becomes the "real" meeting
  • The placeholder meeting never gets updated if you never save the calendar event
    • It, therefore, remains in your account with the topic "This is a calendar meeting" and a start time of the exact time you clicked Add video conferencing or Add Meeting

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