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Instructions on how to invite people to a Zoom meeting in progress
This article explains how to join a Zoom meeting from a Google Calendar invite.
This article provides guidance on pre-assigning breakout rooms for a U-M Zoom meeting, including tips and warnings.
This article provides troubleshooting steps to assist with addressing a common error in U-M Zoom: "This meeting ID is not valid."
This article explains what meetings in your U-M Zoom account titled "This is a calendar meeting" are and what to do about them.
This article provides instructions for moving a Zoom meeting to a different course in Canvas.
This article provides information on enabling Live Transcription in U-M Zoom meetings/webinars.
Instructions on how to change the settings of a meeting to not show the name of the meeting to a room schedule display.
This article explains how to download your U-M Zoom data such as cloud recordings and meeting/webinar reports.
This article explains how to record meetings in U-M Zoom and provides instructions for saving them to the cloud or to the user's local computer.