Transfer Zoom Meetings to a New Host




Zoom Meetings are scheduled that need to be transferred to a different host.


Transfer a Zoom meeting to another user by following the steps below. Please note that the transfer has to be done on each meeting. There is no way to transfer multiple meetings at once.

  1. The person taking the meeting(s) over needs to add the current host as a Zoom Delegate
    1. How to here: Schedule a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else to Host (Zoom Delegate)
  2. Once that is complete, the original owner has to go into each Zoom Meeting they are transferring and choose to Edit the meeting
  3. Once they are on the edit page for the meeting, at the very top of the page will be a "Schedule For" drop down list
    1. Click on the drop down list and they will see the new owner's name showing up
    2. If the new owner's name is not showing up, that new person has not made the original owner a delegate yet
    3. Go back to step 1
  4. Click on the new owner's name and scroll to the bottom of the page and save the meeting
    1. It will now be owned and hosted by the new person
  5. Do this for each meeting that has to be transferred
  6. Once all meetings are transferred, the new owner can go back into their Zoom settings and remove the original owner as a delegate (if needed)

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