Zoom: Enable Live Transcription


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How to enable Live Transcription


  1. A host of a meeting or Webinar can enable Live Transcription (Closed Captions) by clicking the "Live Transcript" button in a live meeting, then click "Enable Auto-Transcription"
  2. Once enabled Participants can click "Live Transcript" to choose how they wish to view the robot transcription feature
  3. If you need to turn off live transcription, click the "Live Transcript" button and then click "Disable Auto-Transcription"
  4. The host must enable the Live Transcription. It can not be started automatically

Additional Information

  • This feature works in both meetings and webinars, but does not work in Breakout Rooms. Also of note, if anyone is concerned about privacy, as a host, they can simply leave it off
  • The closed captions you see on the screen during the meeting/webinar are NOT recorded into the recording if the meeting/webinar is recorded. To have them on a recording, you will need to use the steps at  https://teamdynamix.umich.edu/TDClient/30/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=173  to add them to the recording
  • This will NOT work on Linux systems currently

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