Pulling Reports for Meetings and Webinars in Zoom




How do I pull reports in Zoom for:

  • Who attended my meetings or webinars
  • Who registered for my meetings or webinars and how they answered my registration questions
  • How participants answered polls in my meetings or webinars
  • Q&A and/or surveys for my webinars


To view reports for Zoom course meetings scheduled through Canvas or Blackboard, refer to Attendance and Poll Reports in Zoom Using the Zoom-Canvas Integration. This information applies to Blackboard as well.

To view reports for Zoom meetings or webinars not scheduled through Canvas or Blackboard, you must be the original host of the meeting or webinar, whose account the meeting or webinar is under.

  1. Navigate to https://umich.zoom.us/account/report and login with U-M Weblogin if prompted
  2. Select the type of report you would like to pull:
    • Usage: to pull attendance reports for Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars
    • Meeting: to pull reports about registration and/or polls for Zoom Meetings
    • Webinar: to pull any reports related to Zoom Webinars
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USERS WHO CONSOLIDATED FROM ZOOM FOR HEALTH IN JANUARY 2021: Reports are no longer available for meetings and webinars hosted by Zoom for Health users which occurred prior to the Zoom for Health consolidation into regular U-M Zoom on January 2, 2021. Impacted users were emailed instructions on downloading reports prior to January 2, 2021 on December 21, 2020. These reports cannot be retrieved.

Usage Reports

  1. Change the date ranges at the top to include the range you would like to review
  2. Click Search
  3. Click the number hyperlink in the Participants column for the meeting for which you would like a report
  4. A new window will open with a table of participants including:
    • Name (Original Name): this is the display name that the user joined the meeting or webinar using. If they changed their display name during the meeting/webinar, this name still reflects the name they joined with, not the name they changed to
    • User Email: if the user was logged in to a Zoom account when they joined the meeting or webinar, this column shows the email associated with the Zoom account. If this is blank, the user was not logged in to Zoom.
    • Join Time: the time the user joined the meeting
    • Leave Time: the time the user left the meeting
    • Duration (Minutes): the number of minutes the user was in the meeting, rounded up to a whole number
IMPORTANT: if the same user joined and left the meeting or webinar several times, they will show up for each time they joined and left. For example, the same user may appear in the list 3 times with durations of 1, 17, and 5 minutes. If you want to see only unique users and the total duration that they spent in the meeting or webinar all summed together, check the box next to Show unique users. The example user in this scenario would then show once with a duration of 23 minutes.

To export the data to CSV to open in Microsoft Excel, click Export. If you want to also export the Meeting/Webinar ID, Duration of the meeting/webinar in minutes, number of participants, topic of the meeting/webinar (i.e. the name), email address of the host, and start time and end time, check the box next to Export with meeting data before you click Export.

Meeting Reports

  1. Select whether you want to generate a Registration Report or Poll Report using the radio buttons under Report Type
  2. Either:
    • Change the date ranges at the top to include the range you would like to review, OR
    • Click Search by time range and select Search by meeting ID, then enter the meeting ID you'd like to search for in the field
  3. Click Search
  4. To generate a report for a single meeting, click Generate next to the meeting; to generate reports for multiple meetings, check the boxes next to the meetings you want reports for, then click Generate at the top of the meeting table
  5. You will be automatically redirected to the Report Queue. Click Download next to the report(s) you just generated to download a CSV that can be opened in Microsoft Excel

If your report does not reflect what you expect, or you see an error that starts "Unable to generate report..." where the Download button would be, see Additional Information below.

Webinar Reports

  1. Select the radio button for the type of report you'd like to generate:
    • Registration: this will show people who registered for your webinar, only if you used registration, and how they answered any registration questions you added, if applicable
    • Attendee: this is an attendance report showing participants who attended your webinar and how long they were there
    • Performance: quick statistics on the actual start time and actual duration of the webinar, number of people who registered, number of people who attended, the attendance rate between regtistration and attendance, and the number of Q&A questions asked.
    • Q&A: questions submitted to the Q&A during the webinar and, if applicable, the answer that was given
    • Poll: how people responded to any polls that were launched during the webinar
    • Survey: how people responded to a survey that was attached to the webinar, if you created one
  2. Either:
    • Change the date ranges in Step 2 to include the range you would like to review and click Filter, OR
    • Enter the webinar ID you'd like to search for in the field and click Search
  3. Click Generate CSV Report to generate a CSV report that can be opened in Microsoft Excel

Additional Information

Empty Reports or Unable to Generate

If your report is empty or you see an error, "Unable to generate report since the meeting does not require registration" where the Download button would normally be, try this:

  • Are you sure that you clicked Search after adjusting the options? For example, even if you select Poll Report, if you do not click Search, Zoom will still generate a Registration report. Try adjusting your selections again, then be sure to click Search.
  • Are you sure that you required registration on the meeting/webinar, or are you sure that you launched polls? If you did not, the report will be empty.
  • Did you relaunch the polls after collecting responses? Zoom will only show responses from the most recent launch; previous launches' data is wiped out and cannot be recovered when you relaunch a poll in the same meeting or webinar.


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