Sharing a Zoom Meeting Cloud Recording with Students in Canvas or Blackboard


Zoom-Canvas or Zoom-Blackboard integration for U-M Zoom users (not Zoom for Health at U-M users, as cloud recordings are not a feature in Zoom for Health at U-M)


How do I share a cloud recording of my Zoom course meeting with my students in Canvas or Blackboard?


This article assumes that you scheduled your Zoom Meeting for your course through the Zoom-Canvas integration (Ann Arbor or Dearborn) or the Zoom-Blackboard integration (Flint). If you did not do so but would like to follow these instructions, import the meeting to your Canvas course, then proceed with the following steps.

Sharing a Cloud Recording with Students in the Zoom-Canvas or Zoom-Blackboard Integration

  1. Navigate to the Zoom integration in your Canvas or Blackboard course
  2. Click the Cloud Recordings tab
  3. Find the cloud recording of the meeting you want to share
  4. Click the Publish toggle for the recording you want to share; if the toggle is blue (checked), students can see the recording
    • IMPORTANT: Zoom cloud recordings, whether in Canvas or not, are accessible to people outside of the Canvas course based on the recording sharing settings. To understand more about protecting your cloud recordings, see Protect Content and Privacy in Zoom Cloud Recordings. To ensure your cloud recording is only visible to students in your course, download the files and upload them to Media Gallery, and make sure that your Zoom cloud recording is not published (i.e. Publish is OFF) in Canvas and Share this Recording is OFF in Recordings>Share...
    • Note: Students cannot see any recordings until/unless you publish them; this is to allow you as an instructor to control your content
    • Note: Anyone with a Teacher, TA, Designer, or Admin role in the course can publish the recording
Canvas Only: To see what the recordings look like to a student, use Student View and navigate to Zoom > Cloud Recordings. Student View only applies while you are still in Canvas--once you click to view the recording, a new window opens and you are no longer in Canvas, so your view will be as the host of the recording, not as a student.

Additional Information

To learn how to protect your recording content and students' privacy in the recordings, refer to: