Protect Content and Privacy in Zoom Cloud Recordings


U-M Zoom


What settings can I use to protect the content of my Zoom cloud recordings and participants' privacy in the recordings?


ITS strongly recommends using security settings to protect your recording content and the privacy of people visible in the recording. If you are using recordings as a part of instruction, refer to Recording Class Activities: (Some) Rules of the Road for details about privacy and policies governing recording class activity.

To adjust your recording's security settings, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Share... next to the recording you want to adjust
  3. Adjust the settings to fit your needs, then click Done
    • To prevent people from outside U-M from viewing the recording, ensure Share this recording is set to Only authenticated users can view > University of Michigan Users
    • To prevent people from downloading the recording, ensure Viewers can download is OFF
    • To prevent people from accessing the recording after a certain date without deleting the recording, turn ON Add expiry date to the link and adjust the date using the drop-down, then click Save
    • To require people to enter a passcode in order to access the recording, turn ON Password protection and enter a passcode that meets the requirements displayed and which you are willing to share with those you will permit to access the recording, then click Save
      • Recommendation for instructors sharing recordings through Canvas or Blackboard: post the passcode on the course home page and make sure students know it is there. Request that students refrain from sharing the passcode with others outside the class, but remember that it is always possible for them to do so.
    • To require people to register before accessing the recording so you know who is accessing it, turn ON On-demand(Registration Required)

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