Add an Existing Zoom Meeting to a Canvas or Blackboard Course


Zoom-Canvas or Zoom-Blackboard integration for U-M Zoom users


I created a Zoom Meeting outside of Canvas or Blackboard, so it is not showing in my Canvas or Blackboard Course's Zoom Course Meetings. How can I add it so that my students can see it in the course? (also applies to Cloud Recordings)


You can only add an existing Zoom Meeting if you are the host of the meeting, even if you have scheduling privilege for the host. See Additional Information below for alternative ideas.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CANVAS USERS: if your Canvas course is published, all students in the course will receive an email notification via Canvas Inbox when you follow these steps. It is not possible to turn off the email notification. A possible work-around if you are following these steps BEFORE the course has started: unpublish the course, follow these steps to import each meeting you need, then re-publish the course. Students do not receive email notifications from unpublished courses.
  1. Navigate to the Zoom integration in your Canvas or Blackboard course (Don't see Zoom in the navigation? Canvas Only: Learn how to enable Zoom in your Canvas course)
  2. Click All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings in the upper right
    Note: the meetings and recordings seen in All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings are meetings that you or anyone you have scheduling privilege for are the host of. These meetings and recordings are only visible to YOU. No other users can see your meetings and recordings that are not associated with the course. If other users click this option, they will see their own meetings and recordings.
  3. Copy or write down the Meeting ID from the Meeting ID column for the Zoom Meeting you want to add to your course
  4. Navigate back to the Course Meetings by clicking Course Meetings/Recordings in the upper left, just under the Zoom logo
  5. Click the 3 dots in the upper right corner (next to the Schedule a New Meeting button)
  6. Click Import Meeting in the drop-down
  7. Paste or type in the Meeting ID that you copied in step 3
  8. Confirm you now see the meeting in Upcoming Meetings or Previous Meetings in the course

Additional Information

Possible error messages at the Import Meeting step and how to address them

"This meeting could not be found in your Zoom account and can not be imported into this course (2250)."
  • Make sure the meeting ID entered exactly matches the meeting ID showing in your Zoom Meetings tab.
  • Make sure the meeting is not in Recently Deleted. If it IS in Recently Deleted, click Recover to un-delete it, then try again.
  • Make sure the meeting exists in your account, either under Upcoming Meetings or Previous Meetings.
  • If the meeting was previously associated with this course, you will not be able to import it again and may see this error.
"You are not the host of this meeting. Only Zoom Admins can import meetings that they are not the host of (2249)."

Somebody else is the host of this meeting, not you. Even if you have scheduling privilege for the host, you are not able to import meetings that you are not the host of. The two possible solutions are:

  • Have the meeting host import the meeting
  • If you have scheduling privilege for the meeting host, follow this work-around:
    1. Navigate to
    2. Find the meeting that you want to import to the course and click the Topic link for that meeting
    3. Click Edit this Meeting
    4. Change Schedule For to Myself
    5. Click Save at the bottom of the page
    6. Follow the Add an Existing Zoom Meeting to the Zoom-Canvas Integration for a Canvas Course instructions above to add the meeting to the course
    7. After successfully importing the course, navigate back to
    8. Find the meeting that you imported to the course and click the Topic link for that meeting
    9. Click Edit this Meeting
    10. Change Schedule For to the original other host
    11. Click Save at the bottom of the page

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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