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Zoom and Canvas Integration 


How do I set up Zoom for my Canvas Course? How do I schedule meetings through this tool?


Important: When using Zoom through Canvas, your mail must be primary in Canvas Settings.  Using can cause access problems.

Note: If the Zoom tool is not listed in the list of tools on the left side of the Canvas site page, it must be enabled for the Canvas Site.

Enable Zoom in the Canvas site

Learn how to enable Zoom for your Canvas course

Schedule a Meeting through Zoom in Canvas

Note: Webinars are not integrated into the Zoom for Canvas LTI

  • Click the Zoom tool in the Canvas Site.
    • The resulting page is similar to what you see on
  • Click on the 'Schedule a New Meeting' button
  • The meeting options page will open up and allow you to set up your meeting. Note: You may see some differences between scheduling here versus scheduling at You can always view and edit this meeting through the Zoom interface after the meeting is created.
  • For “Add Sections and Groups” and “Add Viewers” you can restrict the visibility of the meeting and cloud recording respectively to certain course sections or groups
    • This feature requires Zoom LTI 1.3 in Canvas. Zoom LTI 1.3 is currently only available in the Ann Arbor instance of Canvas and can be utilized by adding "Zoom 1.3" for your course navigation. This can replace the "Zoom" option if you would like to avoid confusion.
  • Set up the rest of the meeting to meet your needs
  • Click Save. You can view the meeting you just created by going to the Upcoming Meetings tab and clicking the title of the meeting

Update:  Zoom DOES send out notifications to students through Canvas when a zoom meeting is scheduled in the tool. The instructor will NOT need to send out an announcement about the meeting. If the Canvas site is Unpublished when the Zoom Meeting is scheduled with the Zoom Tool in Canvas, Canvas will NOT send out a notification to students. The Canvas site needs to be Published for this to happen.

Zoom Polling Option

Note: The poll option in Canvas requires a .csv file. If you would like to create a poll through Zoom’s polling tool rather than using the CSV option, you can do so through the Zoom site once the meeting is created. Follow these steps to do so
  • Download the .csv, then you can edit it or add to it. DO NOT change the format of the file page
  • When the .csv downloads you and open it, you can expand the columns so you can see everything better
  • There are two default questions and answer options already there
  • You can change the questions and answers, or add additional ones
  • Save the file as a .csv after editing it
  • Choose the 'Import CSV' button on the bottom of the page to import it
  • Once it is imported, you will see your questions listed
  • Click on the Poll Questions to see them
  • Scroll to the top of the page and click on 'Course Meetings' to see all of your scheduled meetings.

Additional Information

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