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What is the best way to schedule a recurring meeting in Canvas? Can I use my Personal Meeting ID (PMI) so the link is always the same?


We do NOT recommend using a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to create a meeting in Canvas. A PMI would remain open and could be used by anyone at any time. Instead, use a specific or No Fixed Time recurring meeting, which will allow the same consistency, without the risks.

Schedule a Recurring Meeting through Zoom in Canvas

  • Click the Zoom tool in the Canvas Site
  • Click on the Schedule a New Meeting button
  • The meeting options page will open up and allow you to set up your meeting
  • Fill in the Topic and Description fields
  • If you want a meeting that recurs at the same time, set the When and Duration, if not, just ignore these
  • In the Time Zone section
    • Click the Recurring meeting box
    • In the options that pop up, click the dropdown next to Daily
      • If you choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, you will need to fill out the Repeat every and Occurs on fields
      • If you choose NoFixed time, you will get a meeting with a static link that can be clicked at any time
  • Fill in the rest of the data for the meeting
  • Click Save. The Meeting Details Page will display the information for the meeting you just scheduled

Adding it to your Google Calendar:

  • To add the recurring meeting to your Google calendar, under the Time heading of The Meeting Details Page click Add to Google Calendar.  Note: Zoom may ask for access to your Google calendar, click Continue to agree.
  • Review the meeting details in Google calendar and click Save.

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