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I would like to use the same meeting link in Zoom for all my meetings. Can I use my Personal Meeting ID?


You can use a Personal Meeting ID (PMI), BUT there is more to know about this!

ITS strongly recommends using a Waiting Room AND a Passcode for your PMI.

  • PMI links can be easy to guess, leading to an increased risk for Zoombombing from uninvited guests.
    • Using a Passcode makes it nearly impossible to randomly guess both the ID and the Passcode together, preventing this type of Zoombombing.
  • Once someone has your PMI link, they can join it at any time.
    • A Waiting Room using the setting to put everyone in the waiting room can help to avoid interruptions by placing people attempting to join the meeting in a waiting room, and you can choose if/when to admit them.

How to start a meeting with your PMI:

Additional Information

How this Works

The person hosting the meeting with their own PMI can start their meeting and just have it open. When someone is ready to pop into the meeting, they need to have the link for the host's PMI meeting to get in. (Which the host would have previously shared with them through email or another means) The attendee just clicks on the link to enter the meeting.

This is why it is SO important that the host has their PMI meetings set up with a waiting room!
For example: With the waiting room set up, there can be a queue of people waiting for a 'one on one' meeting, and the host can let them into the meeting one at a time. If the waiting room is not there, then someone can just pop into a video conference that is already in session while someone else is talking about their own personal business which would not be good!

Your PMI Meeting Settings can be edited at: > Meetings > Personal Meeting Room

For more information on Zoom security, see How to Secure Meetings in Zoom.

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