Can't Use Zoom through Canvas or Blackboard - Warning Message Displays


Canvas or Blackboard, Zoom


I am trying to set up Zoom in my U-M Canvas or Blackboard course, but when I click on Zoom in the navigation, it shows me a warning that I need to create my account. However, I am sure that I have already created my account.


There are two most likely reasons for this issue:

  • Your Zoom account may not actually be part of U-M Zoom (even if it appears that it is!), which means that U-M Canvas or Blackboard cannot find it. To identify if this is the issue and resolve it:
    1. Navigate to and login if prompted
    2. Account Name should be University of Michigan. If so, you ARE a member of U-M Zoom and this is not the problem. Continue to second bullet below. If not, continue to step 3
    3. If your account name is not University of Michigan, even if the header says MZoom, you aren't a member of U-M Zoom. The resolution is to join the U-M Zoom account. Make sure to do this in an incognito/private browser window! Contact ITS for assistance if needed
  • The Zoom integration in Canvas and Blackboard looks for a Zoom account in U-M Zoom that matches your Canvas or Blackboard email address. If it can't find one, but you have confirmed you have an account in U-M Zoom in the last bullet, this means that your Canvas or Blackboard email address may not match your U-M Zoom email address. Your U-M Zoom email address is always your email. Therefore, you should change your default Canvas or Blackboard email address to match your email:
    1. Canvas (all Canvas environments)
    2. Blackboard: contact Flint ODE

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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