Customer U-M Zoom Rooms Installation Procedure


U-M Zoom Rooms


Units are responsible for the installation of all purchased U-M Zoom Rooms hardware (in the same way that they are responsible to provide Tier 1 break-fix and troubleshooting support). Most units will pursue installation solutions with unit IT, unit audiovisual services, or Facilities and Operations (F&O).


Please consult and follow the U-M AEC design guidelines for conference rooms. Following are some recommendations to help with a basic installation.

Component Installation

  1. Display: Mount using an appropriately sized display mounting bracket (available for purchase from the Tech Shop). Most displays should be mounted with the bottom at 48” above the finished floor
  2. Audiovisual Bar:
    1. Mount to the wall directly below the display with the included wall mount
    2. Use the display mounting kit (available for purchase from the Tech Shop) to attach to the display mounting bracket and avoid putting additional holes in the wall
    3. Use the table stand (available for purchase form the Tech Shop) to rest the bar on the conference table
  3. Tabletop Microphones
    1. Place in the center of the table (or equally space out if more than one microphone). Run through table grommet holes and route cabling to avoid trip hazards
  4. Seating and Furniture
    1. Where possible the table and seating should be at least 3 feet away from the Display

Power and Network connectivity

  1. Power: Install power outlet behind intended display location. Account for display mount positioning and potential interference with display cabling
  2. Network: Consult Zoom Room Network Configuration

Test the Zoom Rooms equipment

  1. Schedule a meeting and add Zoom videoconferencing
  2. Invite the conference room
  3. Launch the meeting from the controller
  4. Verify that audiovisual works

Additional Information

For physical mounting of display, more complex system design, or project management:

For power outlet request or physical mounting of display:

  • Check internally within your unitSome of this may be performed by a unit's A/V, Facilities, IT, or other group.
  • Consider contacting Facilities & Operations

For network jack install: 

  • Check internally within your unit. Some of this may be performed by a unit's A/V, Facilities, IT, or other group.
  • Consider contacting ITCom

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.