Enable Telephone Functionality in U-M Zoom Rooms


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Customer wants to Enable Telephone Functionality in U-M Zoom Rooms


You can enable your U-M Zoom Room conference room with telephone functionality without needing a physical conference phone in the room. This provides the ability to dial another telephone user for a 1:1 phone call, or call into a conference bridge for a non-Zoom meeting. 

U-M Zoom Rooms Telephone Setup Instructions

  1. Submit a request to “add a phone line” at ITS Telecommunications Service Request System
    1. Enter the jack number if it already exists
    2. Enter No for new phone equipment
    3. Choose VOIP as the phone type
    4. Enter the Manufacturer of the device for your U-M Zoom Room system (Ex. Poly Studio X50, not the touch panel)
    5. Enter the MAC Address for the Connected Room System and Building Information for the Zoom Room
      1. To find the MAC address for room system, swipe from the right edge of the touch screen towards center
      2. Choose "Settings" from the menu
      3. You will see the information for both the "Connected Room System" as well as "Controller" i.e. touch screen
      4. The VOIP integrates with the Room System, so this is the MAC address you will need
    6. Select None for Features, Select None for Voicemail
    7. Choose any call restrictions you want for the room
    8. Choose the shortcode
    9. Enter a contact
    10. In the comments say “This line will be used for a U-M Zoom Room”
    11. Add to Cart and Checkout
    12. Note the SIP username, SIP Auth Name, and SIP Password that are provided to you for the new phone line once your request has been processed
  2. Submit a request for U-M Zoom Rooms Telephone Setup 
    1. Enter the SIP Username from the Service Request System ticket you created for the new phone line
    2. Enter the SIP Auth Name from the Service Request System ticket
    3. Enter the SIP Password from the Service Request System ticket
    4. Enter the name of the U-M Zoom Rooms Conference Room
    5. Submit the U-M Zoom Rooms Telephone Setup Request form
    6. The U-M Zoom Rooms team will associate your U-M Zoom Room device with the phone line for that conference room and let you know when it is complete

NOTE: Users may need to request elevated Service Request System access. To gain additional permissions to order Telephones, Data, and Video lines, and/or view financial reports, contact your Department Manager (see steps here).

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