Find a Google Calendar ID for Zoom Room or Schedule Display activation


U-M Zoom Rooms Support, Schedule Displays


The U-M Zoom Rooms License activation form and the Schedule Display activation form requires the user to provide a Google Calendar ID for the intended Zoom Rooms conference room.


  1. Open Google Calendar in a web browser
  2. Locate your list of subscribed/available calendars (either under My calendars or Other calendars)
  3. Hover over the calendar for the intended conference room, and then click the three dots that display
  4. Click Settings (or Settings and Sharing)
  5. Scroll to the Integrate calendar section and locate the Calendar ID
  6. Highlight and copy the calendar ID, then paste it in the applicable field of the activation form

Note that in the "Integrate Calendar" section, the Calendar ID is found at the top of the section above the "Public URL to this calendar" and the "Embed code" entries.

Additional Information

IMPORTANT: If at any time you change the name of the calendar attached to your initial U-M Zoom Rooms order, these changes will not automatically synchronize to the Zoom Rooms system. Because the Zoom Rooms name and the calendar name must match, you must contact the U-M Zoom Rooms team after a calendar name change so that we can manually update the calendar information in the Zoom Rooms system.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.