Add the U-M Zoom Rooms Enabled Conference Room to a Calendar Meeting


ITS Service Center, U-M Zoom Rooms Support


How do I set up a U-M Zoom Rooms meeting in Google Calendar?


U-M Zoom Rooms is available in Google Calendar. The following example shows using Google Calendar with the Zoom for GSuite app enabled to create a Zoom Rooms meeting. (See Install Zoom for G-Suite Add-On for full instructions).

  1. In Google Calendar, click Create Event, and then click More Options
  2. Click Add video conferencing, and select Zoom Meeting
  3. Click Rooms and select the Zoom Rooms enabled conference room
  4. After adding the rest of your guests, click Save

For reference, the Add video conferencing button is in the Event Details group. The Guests/Rooms column is in the column directly to the right of the Event Details group.

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