Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting in a Zoom Room


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Joining a Microsoft Team's meeting from a U-M Zoom Room


If you receive an invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting and want to use your U-M Zoom Room to attend the meeting, following these steps:

  1. Invite a Zoom Room to a Microsoft Teams meeting by directly adding the calendar resource associated to the Zoom Room to the Teams invite or forwarding a Teams calendar invitation received from a third party to the calendar resource (Google calendar) associated to the Zoom Room
    1. Note: Forwarding the invite may require modification of settings in Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange
    2. In Google Calendar, forwarding is not possible, but a user with appropriate permissions may add the appropriate room by duplicating the invite
  2. Once the calendar resource receives the meeting invite, the Zoom Room will display the meeting on its upcoming meeting list with a Join option on the Zoom Rooms controller
    1. If you see Join by Audio instead, double check the step above
  3. Click Join on the controller
    1. The Zoom Room will connect to the Teams meeting
    2. Note: The join process will take longer than joining a Zoom meeting
  4. After joining, the following in-meeting controls are available: 
  • Mute Microphone
  • Start/Stop Video
  • Volume
  • Leave meeting  
  • Send problem report
  • Rejoin meeting
  • Share content
  • Zoom Rooms native controls (if configured)

The Zoom Room’s default camera and camera control mode, microphone and speaker will be used during the meeting, and cannot be changed mid-call. The Microsoft Teams meeting will only appear on the first display of the Zoom Room. A second or third display will not show additional Microsoft Teams meeting participants or shared content.

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