Zoom H.323 Error Message on Conference Room AV Equipment


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You see an error message stating "H.323 is not permitted for this meeting"


Zoom CRC retirement

  • ITS retired Zoom CRC (Conference Room Connector) licensing on 12/31/2023.
  • If you or your department previously used a Zoom CRC license in a conference room, office, or other A/V equipped room, you will need to transition to an alternate option in order to maintain your ability to join Zoom meetings. 
  • If you haven't made any of the changes outline below and try to connect to a UM Zoom meeting from legacy hardware, you will see an error message stating "H.323 is not permitted for this meeting"

Available alternatives

  • Connect legacy codecs via SIP
    • Each endpoint can connect via Direct SIP to Zoom
    • Most third parties should also have this capability
  • Install a Computer or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • Consider installing a dedicated computer in your conference room or allow users to bring their own device (BYOD) and run the Zoom client on their device. This flexibility could ensure uninterrupted connection to your Zoom meetings
  • Replace your existing A/V equipment with a U-M Zoom Room
    • U-M Zoom Rooms provide enhanced collaboration features and will offer you a more integrated and seamless Zoom experience.
      • This includes interoperability with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 
    For meeting attendees from outside of UM wishing to connect to UM Zoom meetings using H.323, there is an option to use their own(or one provided by their institution) CRC license.
    • More information is available on how to do that, here.

If you are unsure about your current video conferencing setup or need guidance on how to transition to the alternatives mentioned above, please contact your unit IT support for assistance with your legacy AV equipment. They are there to guide you through the process and ensure that your video conferencing needs continue to be met without any disruption.

If you are not using a U-M Zoom Room, or a device running a Zoom client, you will not be able to connect to a U-M hosted Zoom meeting from a legacy video conferencing system after 12/31/2023.

What is Zoom CRC?

A Zoom Conference Room Connector (CRC) license allows users using Microsoft, Google, or Cisco equipment to join a U-M hosted Zoom Meeting. 

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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