Request Zoom Webinar Access or Change Zoom Webinar Participant Limit


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Webinar options are not available in Zoom without webinar access. How do you get access?


Request Webinar access in Zoom by filling out the form below:

Webinar licenses are granted automatically and instantaneously, if you indicate in the form that you need one.

Webinar Participant Limits

Zoom Meetings can accommodate up to 300 participants. For more than 300 participants, you will need a Zoom Webinar license. If you are holding events with fewer than 300 participants but you would still like a webinar license, you may request one. U-M has 2 types of standard Zoom Webinar licenses, both of which can be requested through the webinar form (same as the one linked above):

  • Webinar 500, which can accommodate up to 500 participants
  • Webinar 1000, which can accommodate up to 1000 participants

You can change whether you have a Webinar 500 or a Webinar 1000 by completing the same form again. The license you have will be whichever you most recently requested, so if you requested a 500 and then changed your mind and completed the form again to request a 1000, you will now have a 1000.

Licenses for more than 1000 participants are extremely limited, checked out for no more than 1 week at a time, and require a minimum of 7 business days processing time.

Licenses for 500 person Webinars appear to be processed and applied directly after the submission of the webinar request form.

Fewer than 5% of Zoom Webinars even go over 500 people, and fewer than 2% go over 1000--it is very rare that these larger licenses will be needed. Licenses for more than 1000 participants are added on top of an existing webinar license to temporarily increase the capacity of your webinars for the given time frame, so they are ONLY needed at the exact time of the event--the webinar MUST be set up ahead of time before requesting the larger license. If you think you need a license for more than 1000 participants, create your webinar FIRST, then complete this form.

Additional Information

A support ticket should not be created for this--the best way to accomplish it is to fill out the form for access.

If you do not see the options described, such as you do not see the link for the form for greater than 1000 participants, please clear your cache and cookies. If that does not work, submit the webinar form, then clear your cache and cookies and try again.


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