Zoom: Allow only U-M Affiliates to join a Zoom Meeting (Authenticated Users Only)


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How do I only allow U-M affiliates to join a Zoom meeting?


There is a security setting in Zoom which allows "Only Authenticated Users" to join meetings. Enabling this setting means anyone logged in with an @umich.edu Zoom account would be permitted, while anyone outside of @umich.edu would not. This can be enabled for single meetings or at your account level for all meetings.

To enable this setting at the meeting level only:

  1. Navigate to https://umich.zoom.us/meeting
  2. Click "Schedule a New Meeting"
  3. Put in applicable information about the meeting
  4. Under "Meeting Option" put a check mark in "Only authenticated users can join"

To enable this setting at the account level for all meetings:

  1. Navigate to https://umich.zoom.us/profile/setting
  2. Under "Security" section, enable "Only authenticated users can join meetings"
Note: U-M users must be signed into their accounts when joining a meeting with these requirements, otherwise, they will receive a message indicating that they are not an authorized user. You can share these log in instructions with users who may experience this when attempting to join a meeting.

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