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I am interested in saving and reusing some polls for multiple Zoom meetings. How can I do that?


Zoom has a Poll/Quiz Library feature that allows you to save up to 10 polls/quizzes to reuse across all of your meetings. This feature is available for both Zoom meetings and webinars​​​​​.

Save a poll/quiz to the library

  1. Click the three-dot menu icon next to the Save button when creating a poll
  2. Select Add to Polls/Quizzes Library
  3. Enter content into the poll and click Save

Enable a poll/quiz in your library for use in another meeting/webinar

Note: You can only enable up to 10 polls/quizzes. Polls and quizzes saved to the library are non-transferable to other Zoom accounts or meetings/webinars you do not host.
  1. Go to your Zoom Meetings or Webinars page and select the Polls/Quizzes tab
    1. Polls and quizzes that have been saved to the library via the process above will be listed here
  2. Toggle the Enable button to ON (blue) if you would like a specific poll/quiz to be available in all of your meetings/webinars
  3. Toggle the Enable button to OFF (gray) if you do not want a specific poll/quiz to be available right now

Additional Information

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