Change the Security Setting on my Zoom Meetings




How do I change the security setting on my existing Zoom meetings? (Authentication, a Waiting Room, and/or a Passcode)


There are two types of Zoom Meetings that you can change:

  • Upcoming Meetings that you scheduled
  • Your Personal Meeting Room

Upcoming Meetings

Note: Use this process regardless of where you created your meetings. You can see all meetings you created in this spot, even if they were created in Canvas, Blackboard, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  1. Navigate to and log in if prompted

  2. Look at your Upcoming Meetings

    • Only meetings that you scheduled will appear here (i.e. meetings that you are simply attending will not appear here)

    • Nothing needs to be changed with your Previous Meetings

    • Can't find a particular meeting? Make sure to check all the way at the end. Recurring meetings with no fixed time (which includes any recurring meetings created through Google Calendar) are all the way at the end.

  3. Hover over each meeting you want to change and click Edit, then check at least one of the boxes in the Security section and Save
    • ITS recommends Require authentication to join>University of Michigan Users and/or Waiting Room. Refer to Which Security Setting(s) Should I Use for My Zoom Meeting? for more information and detailed instructions for specific situations
    • It is not recommended to add a Passcode to existing meetings if you have already sent invitations to guests, as you would also need to send the new Passcode to guests (by updating the calendar event, sending it by email, etc)
    • If after clicking Edit, you see a box asking if you want to Edit All Occurrences or Edit This Occurrence, click Edit All Occurrences
    • There is not a way to edit multiple meetings at once. They must be edited individually.

Personal Meeting Room

Refer to Security Settings for a Zoom Personal Meeting Room.

Additional Information