Security Settings for Zoom Course Meetings in Canvas or Blackboard


U-M Zoom in Canvas or Blackboard


  • What security settings does ITS recommend for Zoom Course Meetings scheduled through Canvas and Blackboard?
  • How do I set security settings for Zoom Course Meetings in Canvas or Blackboard?
  • If I add a Passcode, will my students be asked to enter the Passcode? Do I need to send it to them?


Recommended Security Settings

ITS recommends either Authentication OR a Waiting Room.

How to decide: are the only people who should be attending the course meeting students, faculty, or staff of U-M?

You may use multiple security options for increased security. However, ITS recommends using at least one of the above settings, and not simply a Passcode, as a Passcode is the least secure option.

How do I add security settings to Zoom Course Meetings in Canvas or Blackboard?

Complete these steps for each course for which you have Upcoming Meetings; previous meetings do not need to be changed

  1. Navigate to your course in Canvas or Blackboard
  2. Navigate to Zoom in the course navigation
  3. Ensure you are on the Upcoming Meetings tab (this is the default view)
  4. Click the Topic of the first listed meeting to open the settings
    • Note: you can only edit meetings that you are the host of; if Topic is not clickable, it's because someone else is the host and they have to make these changes
  5. Click Edit this Meeting near the bottom of the page
  6. Add at least one security setting as follows:
    • To add a Waiting Room: check the box next to Waiting Room in the Security section (don't forget to configure your Waiting Room settings using the U-M recommended settings; this must be done outside of Canvas/Blackboard)
    • To use Authentication: check the box in Meeting Options next to Require authentication to join and ensure University of Michigan Users is selected in the drop-down
    • To use a Passcode: check the box next to Passcode in the Security section and enter the passcode you would like to use
  7. Click Save
Recurring Meetings Note: If you have set up recurring Meetings in your course, you only need to edit the first Meeting. All other recurring Meetings in the series will inherit the changes you made on the first Meeting. To confirm this is true, click on the second or third recurring meeting in the series after editing the first one and confirm that the settings now show the changes you made to the first Meeting.

If I add a Passcode, will my students be asked to enter the Passcode? Do I need to send it to them?

No. If students join the Zoom Course Meeting in any of the following ways, they will NOT be prompted to enter the Passcode (they will bypass the Passcode and enter the meeting because the Passcode will be encrypted and embedded in the URL):

  • Canvas or Blackboard: The Join button in the Zoom integration inside the course
  • Canvas Only: The Click here to join Zoom Meeting: [meeting id] link from the Canvas Calendar
  • Canvas Only: The most recent Join URL link from the Canvas Inbox (Canvas Conversations)
  • Canvas Only: The most recent Join URL link from the Canvas email notification (email notification of a Canvas Inbox/Conversations message)
Note for Canvas users: if you add a passcode to your Zoom Course Meetings using the Zoom web interface (i.e. instead of through Canvas, only the first option above will work; in order for Canvas Calendar to be updated with the new link and for a new Canvas Conversations message to be sent, the change must be made through Canvas.

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