Can I use Add-Ons and Integrations with Zoom?


U-M Zoom


Are individuals able to use apps and add-ons with the U-M instance of Zoom?

Can U-M Zoom be integrated with other systems and applications, such as calendly?


Approved Apps/Integrations

Users of U-M Zoom are able to self-install the following apps from the Zoom App Marketplace. Note that users who interact with PHI (HIPAA-protected data) have a more limited set of apps that they may install due to additional PHI protections. Users who interact with PHI are identified by affiliation with Michigan Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and/or Pharmacy.

* = This application is not an ITS service. The integration is available for users to install but the ITS Service Center is not able to assist with issues or questions.
Available for all U-M Zoom Users
Not Available for PHI Users

Requests to Install Other Apps/Integrations

Apps that require account-level permissions instead of user-level permissions, or that are for services for which U-M does not have a relationship or Data Protection Agreement (DPA), will not be approved. Users may not be able to request pre-approval in the Zoom App Marketplace if U-M has already rejected a request to install the app. A few examples of apps that have already been reviewed and have been rejected and therefore will not be permitted for installation by U-M Zoom users are as follows (this is NOT an exhaustive list):

Any apps that only require user-level permissions, are for a third party that U-M has a DPA with, and are not on the list above, may be requested by contacting the ITS Service Center.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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