Can I use Add-Ons and Integrations with Zoom?

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Zoom (U-M Zoom, Zoom for Health at U-M)


Are individuals able to use add-ons with the U-M instance of Zoom?

Can U-M Zoom be integrated with other systems and applications, such as calendly?


Approved Apps/Integrations

Users of regular U-M Zoom (i.e. NOT Zoom for Health at U-M) are able to self-install the following apps from the Zoom App Marketplace:

Users of Zoom for Health at U-M have a more limited set of available apps because of the additional privacy and security needs to protect HIPAA. Zoom for Health users are able to self-install the following apps from the Zoom App Marketplace:

Requests to Install Other Apps/Integrations

Apps that require account-level permissions instead of user-level permissions, or that are for services for which U-M does not have a relationship or Data Protection Agreement (DPA), will not be approved. A few examples of apps that have been requested but which will not be approved are:

Any apps that only require user-level permissions, are for a third party that U-M has a DPA with, and are not on the list above, may be requested by contacting the ITS Service Center.

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