Authorize Zoom Integration for Remote Office Hours Queue


Remote Office Hours Queue and U-M Zoom


How do I authorize the Remote Office Hours Queue-Zoom integration?


  1. Create a new Remote Office Hours Queue with Zoom as an allowed meeting type, OR check Zoom as a meeting type in your existing queue's Settings
  2. Return to the queue as a host
  3. You will be redirected to an Allow Access page. Click Authorize.
  4. If you are prompted to login, follow these steps to login to U-M Zoom:
    1. Click Sign In with SSO
    2. Enter umich as the domain and click Continue
    3. Enter your U-M Weblogin credentials
  5. Click Authorize (see Additional Information below if you do not see this option)
    Screenshot: U-M Remote Office Hours Queue is requesting access to your Zoom account. Buttons are Authorize or Decline.
  6. You will be redirected to your queue page and now able to use Zoom with Remote Office Hours Queue

Additional Information

  • If, at step 5, you see a message that you cannot authorize the app, this means that the Zoom account you just logged in with is not part of U-M Zoom. Only members of U-M Zoom can authorize Remote Office Hours Queue
  • Make sure you followed step 4 exactly in order to sign in to your U-M Zoom account. You MUST sign in with SSO!
  • If you haven't created your U-M Zoom account, you won't be able to authorize the app. Signing in as step 4 instructs should create your account, but you may also opt to open a new browser window and create it by following these instructions: and then trying to authorize Zoom in Remote Office Hours Queue again
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