Call In to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar on a Phone




I want to call in to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar using my phone. How can I see the list of numbers to call, including international numbers? Further, how can I call in?


Available Numbers to Call

  • If you are hosting your own Meeting or Webinar, or you have been invited to a Meeting or Webinar by someone else, there should be a list of some of the available call-in telephone numbers in the invitation
  • If you are a member of U-M Zoom, you may refer to all numbers that are available to any user calling in to a U-M Zoom Meeting or Webinar (including external participants) by reviewing your settings:
  • Toll-Free numbers are not available in U-M Zoom

Calling In to a Meeting or Webinar

Refer to Zoom Help Center's article Joining a meeting or webinar by phone.

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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