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Zoom LTI in Canvas


How can I set up Zoom attendance reports for the Gradebook in Canvas?


Note: In order for this feature to work, students must be signed into their Zoom account when joining a meeting.

This feature requires Zoom LTI 1.3 in Canvas. Zoom LTI 1.3 is currently only available in the Ann Arbor instance of Canvas and can be utilized by adding "Zoom 1.3" for your course navigation. This can replace the "Zoom" option if you would like to avoid confusion.

Learn more about configuring attendance reports in Zoom for Canvas Gradebook.

Note: If you receive an error message such as “Can’t update the Attendance Report Setting due to the invalid Setting from the input value”, make sure that you have manually filled in every visible text field as well as at least one range for the "Percentage of Time Spent in Class" section. The stand-in numbers are not valid (ex: When you configure your total points value, the window looks like it says ‘10’ in the text field, but you will still need to type ‘10’ for the value to be valid).

  • If you do not wish to use the "Percentage of Time Spent in Class" section, fill it in as "From 0% to 100% is equivalent to 100% of total points"
  • In the "Percentage of Time Spent in Class" section, ensure that the percentage ranges make sense (ex: 80-100 receives 100% of points, and 0-79% receive 80% of points will work, but 80-100% receive 100% points and 0-80% receive 80% will not because the ranges overlap)

Please note that there are several restrictions to this feature. Be sure to review restrictions before using this feature.

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