Alternative Hosts Automatically Set Up for Zoom Meeting Unintentionally




Every time I schedule a meeting, someone is assigned as alternative host, but I did not assign them. How did this happen and how can I fix it?


There are typically three causes why someone would show up as an alternative host for a meeting without manually adding them:

  1. The meeting is one in a recurring meeting series and the user is an alternative host for all instances of the recurring meeting
    • To resolve: Remove the user as an alternative host for the one meeting occurrence. When editing other occurrences, choose "Edit this occurrence" instead of "Edit all occurrences" 
  2. The meeting ID is your PMI (Personal Meeting ID) and you have the user as an alternative host for your Personal Meeting Room or another meeting using the PMI
    • To resolve: Go to Meetings>Personal Room and edit the room to remove alternative hosts. Go to Settings and make sure "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting" is turned off.
  3. You are using the Zoom Scheduler browser extension

Additionally, keep in mind that if someone has scheduling privilege for a user, they will automatically be considered an alternative host for the user but they may not be listed in the alternative host section of the meeting.

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