Error 3041 When Promoting User to Panelist in Zoom Webinar


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During a live webinar, I tried to promote a participant to panelist and received a pop up that said "failed to change role to panelist. Error code: 3041." How do I promote this user?


This error is received when the user in question was made an alternative host or panelist before the webinar started, but they did not join the webinar via the unique link they were emailed by Zoom. To fix this issue:

  1. The user in question should leave the webinar by leaving the session in the Zoom client
  2. The user should find the email they were sent when they were designated as an alternative host/panelist and click on the meeting link within that email
  3. Once the meeting is relaunched, the user should be in the appropriate role designation
Note: If the user cannot find the email they were sent with their unique link, the host of the meeting - the person whose account the meeting is under - can resend the email by visiting, click the webinar title, scroll to the Alternative Host or Panelist sections and choose "Resend Invitation"

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