Error Adding Zoom Alternative Host: "Not associated with Account"


University of Michigan Zoom


Host creating a Zoom meeting cannot get someone added to the meeting as an Alternative Host.


To be added as an Alternative Host to a meeting, the alternative host must be in the licensed Umich Domain of Zoom, (Someone outside of the university not on a Umich Licensed Zoom account cannot be added.)
The Alternative Host must also be in the same instance of Zoom as the host creating the meeting. (Host is in Zoom for Health, then the Alternative host must be as well. If the host is in the Regular Zoom, then the alternative host must be as well.)

There is no solution for the cross-domain co-hosting situation.  Co-Hosts must be in the same domain (Zoom for Health or U-M Zoom).

Additional Information

The error could use other language that references an "account" issue.


Article ID: 1130
Mon 4/20/20 8:39 AM
Wed 9/2/20 10:15 AM