Zoom Sound Notification (Doorbell)


U-M Zoom


During a Zoom meeting, how can the host turn off (or on) the doorbell sound notification?


While in a Zoom meeting:

  • Click on Participants at the bottom of the screen to view the participant list of the meeting
  • At the bottom of the participant list, select the three dots icon at the very bottom of the Zoom screen (Windows) or the bottom "More" button (Mac)
  • From the popup that appears, uncheck (or check) the "Play sound when someone joins or leaves"

To change your default settings:

  1. Navigate to zoom.umich.edu
  2. Click on Settings (in the menu bar on the left)
  3. Click on 'In Meeting (Basic)
    • Toggle on (or off) the 'Sound notification when someone joins or leaves'

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