Can't Find Zoom Meeting in My Meeting List / Meeting Missing




I can't find one of my Zoom meetings in Zoom in my list of meetings (web portal, desktop app, etc). Where is it?


  • Are you the host? Only the host of the meeting, or anyone with scheduling privilege for the host, can see a meeting in their meetings list. You cannot see or manage meetings for which you are an alternative host from your meetings list--you must be the host
  • Is it all the way at the end? Recurring meetings with no fixed time (which includes any recurring meetings of any sort created in Google or Outlook) are found at the very end of the meetings list
  • Is it in your Previous Meetings? Sometimes people create meetings that are not recurring, but use them as if they are recurring without realizing that they aren't recurring. In these cases, you may find the meeting in your Previous Meetings list. You can edit the meeting to make it recurring and continue to use it, which will move it to Upcoming Meetings
  • Is it in your trash? You may have deleted it by accident. Meetings can be recovered for 7 days after they are moved to the trash. Once a meeting is gone from the trash, it cannot be recovered

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