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When I try to join a Zoom meeting, instead of successfully joining the meeting, I see a message that "This meeting is scheduled for [date and time]" and I cannot join.

  • The date and time may also not correspond to the date and time I think the meeting has been scheduled
  • This may have started happening suddenly for a meeting I've been using for a while


This happens when all of the following are true:

  • The meeting was scheduled as a non-recurring meeting, AND
    • Note: if you create the meeting in Zoom (desktop app or web interface) and then paste the meeting link into your calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc), OR use the "Add to: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc" option to add it to your calendar after creating it, THEN set the calendar event to be recurring, this does not make the Zoom meeting itself recurring. This makes the calendar event recurring, but does not change the Zoom meeting. To make the Zoom meeting recurring and associate it with a calendar event, either make the Zoom meeting recurring when you create it by checking Recurring meeting (recommended: select No fixed time for Recurrence), or create the meeting using the U-M recommended Google Calendar integration (Outlook integration pre-installed for HITS devices).
  • The time you are attempting to enter the meeting does not match with the scheduled time of the meeting (for example, you may be trying to enter the meeting at 4:00 PM on May 21, 2021, but the meeting was actually scheduled for 10:00 AM on December 1, 2020), AND
  • The meeting does not have Allow participants to join before start time checked, OR
  • The meeting does have Allow participants to join before start time checked, but it also has a Waiting Room checked

This issue happens most frequently when people are unknowingly using a non-recurring meeting as if it was recurring. The recommended resolution is as follows. The host of the meeting should:

  1. Navigate to https://zoom.umich.edu/meeting and login with U-M Weblogin, if prompted
  2. Find the meeting in either the Upcoming Meetings or Previous Meetings list. It will most likely be in Previous Meetings (click the Previous Meetings tab)
    • Make sure to check all the way to the end of the list
  3. Hover over the meeting and click Edit
  4. Check the box next to Recurring Meeting (just underneath Time Zone)
  5. Select No Fixed Time in the Recurrence dropdown
  6. Click Save at the bottom

This will make the meeting recurring and not schedule it for a specific time, so it can be launched at any time.

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