Verify Zoom Account and Information


U-M Zoom


How do I confirm:

  • That a user has a U-M Zoom account?
  • Whether their account is active (if they are eligible to log in to it)?
  • When was the last time they logged in?
  • What version of the Zoom Client they are using?
  • If they have a Webinar license?
  • The participant capacity of their Webinar license?
  • Who has Zoom scheduling privilege for the user? (who can schedule for them)
  • Who does the user have Zoom scheduling privilege for? (who can they schedule for)


Look up the customer's information in the ITS ZoomInfo app using the search bar:

Only users in itssc-all MCommunity group or umits-zoomatics MCommunity group have access to look up another user's Zoom info in this app. All other users can only see their own Zoom info.

Additional Information

The ITS-Zoom team is the contact for questions or issues with the ZoomInfo app.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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