Trimming and Publishing Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas

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How do I edit or trim a Zoom cloud recording and then publish it on a Canvas course site?


Trim the video

  1. After identifying the video you want to publish in Canvas, go to in a separate browser tab
  2. Under the "M | Zoom" logo at the left, click "Recordings"
  3. Click Cloud recordings (this will not work for local Zoom recordings)
  4. In the "Topic" column, click the video that you wish to trim. This will open a detail window for that video
  5. Click the thumbnail for the video. This will open the video in a new browser tab
  6. To the right of the video display, under "Audio Transcript" scroll through the transcript to determine the points in the recording where you want the video to begin and end (you may want to jot this down so it's handy in the next few steps).
  7. Move your pointer over the video display, and click the scissors icon near the bottom-right corner of the video. If an informational window appears, read that and click "Got it."
  8. On the timeline displayed at the bottom of the video, find the button on the left end, click on the center of that button, and drag it near your desired start. Next, click the left ("<") and right (">") arrows on the button to nudge it precisely to your desired start point
  9. Repeat the above step, but for the video's end point, then click the "Save" button

Publish the video in Canvas

  1. Open your course site at
  2. From there, click “Zoom” from the course navigation menu
  3. When the Zoom window appears click “Cloud Recordings”
  4. Locate your video from the list, and click the toggle button to publish the video

Additional Information

IMPORTANT: You can only edit the same video in the cloud 5 times. After that you will receive an email from Zoom that your video could not be trimmed. If you reach 5 trims on the same video, you must wait 12 hours before trying to trim it again. This is a Zoom rule and nothing that the SC or Collab team can change.


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