Editing Zoom Videos: Recommendations for Self-Starting


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How can you edit videos from Zoom? For example, if you have two different recordings from Zoom that need to be one video, how can you join them together?


Although the Zoom Support Team does not support or recommend any specific software for video editing, below are some general ideas to help get you started. Note: it is up to you to learn how to use the software below or other software like it.  Documentation from the software companies and videos available online (YouTube) are great resources on these topics.

If using a Mac, iMovie should be installed on the computer by default. This is a very straightforward program that should work to join two different clips together.  If using a PC, the Windows 10 Photos app can also do some basic video editing, including trimming and splitting. The University also now has licensing with Adobe, so Adobe Premier Pro is available to University faculty, students, and staff for video editing. This program has many more options, and may be too advanced for what you need. 

The following links and videos may help make the decision, or can help with the work of editing videos.

iMovie (Mac only)

Photos (Windows 10 only)

Adobe Premier Pro (Mac and PC)

Additional Information

There are also several Video Editing courses available on LinkedIn Learning, which is available at no cost to all active faculty, staff (including temporary employees) and students at the University of Michigan.

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