Adding a File with Poll Questions to a Zoom Course Meeting in Canvas or Blackboard


Zoom-Canvas or Zoom-Blackboard integration


As a course instructor, I want to pre-create polls for my Zoom course meeting that I can use while I am running my class. How do I do this in the Zoom-Canvas or Zoom-Blackboard integration?


This article assumes that you scheduled your Zoom Meeting for your course through the Zoom-Canvas integration (Ann Arbor or Dearborn) or the Zoom-Blackboard integration (Flint). If you did not do so but would like to follow these instructions, import the meeting to your Canvas course, then proceed with the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Zoom integration in your Canvas or Blackboard course
  2. Click the Topic link for the Zoom Meeting in the Upcoming Meetings list that you want to add a poll to
    • The meeting must have already been created in order to add a poll; if you have not created the meeting, create it, then proceed with these steps
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click Download a CSV Template
  5. Open the downloaded CSV using a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel
  6. Replace the demo data with your polls (see screenshot below)
    • Title must always be on its own row and denote the start of a new poll
    • Question Type denotes whether participants can select multiple answers (multiple) or only one answer (single)
  7. Save the CSV file
  8. Click Import CSV in Canvas and select your edited file
  9. Confirm that the polls show as you expected (the following image illustrates a sample poll)

Polling CSV with Title, Questions Name, Questions Type, and Answers headings

Note: you may also add polls directly in the Zoom web application without downloading/uploading CSV files if you wish. Learn how to add polls in the Zoom web application.

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