Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms for Zoom in Canvas


Zoom LTI in Canvas


How can I pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom through Canvas?


Some feature require Zoom LTI 1.3 in Canvas. Zoom LTI 1.3 is currently only available in the Ann Arbor instance of Canvas and can be utilized by adding "Zoom 1.3" for your course navigation. This can replace the "Zoom" option if you would like to avoid confusion.

In Canvas, there are a few ways to pre-assign Zoom breakout rooms.

Note: For pre-assigned breakout rooms to work correctly, all users must be signed into the Zoom account matching the email address associated with their assignment. Learn more about potential issues when pre-assigning breakout rooms.
  1. Import a CSV
  2. Use the built-in assignment tool to create rooms and assign students (auto-import of course roster only available for Zoom LTI 1.3)
  3. Import Course Groups (Only available for Zoom LTI 1.3)
  • Learn how to create a course group in Canvas
  • Each group will populate as its own breakout room with the students in that group assigned to the breakout room

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