Zoom for G Suite Error When Scheduling for Others


U-M Zoom and Google Calendar


While using the Zoom for G Suite add-on to schedule meetings on behalf of someone else for whom I have scheduling privilege, I see an error: "Something went wrong. We're sorry, we've encountered an error processing your request. This may be caused by: 1. Network problems; 2. Remote server returned an error. Please try again later."

Zoom for G Suite error message with same text as above


This error usually occurs when you are using the Zoom for G Suite add-on to configure settings for someone else for whom you have scheduling privilege. You click the drop-down for "Schedule for" and select a user other than "Myself", then the error occurs.

To resolve the error:

  1. Click the back arrow at the top left of the Zoom for G Suite window (<-)
  2. You should now see the settings for the meeting you were configuring, with the individual you selected showing in the "Schedule for" field
  3. Save the meeting
  4. You may see the error again at this point--however, if you click to open the meeting and/or check in the Zoom web application, you should see that the meeting was created as desired

Additional Information

The ITS Zoom team reported this issue to the Zoom vendor on 7/21/2020. As of 7/23/2020, users who first reported the error are no longer seeing it and the ITS Zoom team is unable to reproduce the error. However, this KB is still available in case the issue arises again.

Alternative troubleshooting steps to try:


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