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How do I use reactions in Zoom?


Reactions can be used as a way to provide non-verbal feedback to a question posed by a host.

Using reactions

  1. Click on the Reactions button under the video; there are 11 default reactions to choose from, including "Raise Hand" and "Thumbs Up"
  2. You can click on a reaction (i.e. thumbs up) to apply it
  3. Any of the "emoji" reactions will appear next to the participant's name in the list for 10 seconds
  4. The "Raise Hand", Yes/No, and Speed Up/Slow Down reactions will not go away until clicked again
  5. Participants can also click on the 3 dots under 'Reactions' to bring up an extensive bank of emoji reactions that go beyond the default ones
  6. Participants can use these to indicate their response to a particular question, statement or topic
  7. The total number of reactions will appear above each icon to give you an indication of response numbers
  8. Click on the clear all button to clear reactions for all participants

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