Customize Video Stream in Zoom, Teams, or Other Video Tool with Watermark, Background, or Other Customization


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, MiVideo, Youtube, or other video-related tool


I am creating a video and/or hosting a virtual event and/or live streaming a video and I would like to:

  • Add a custom watermark to the video stream, AND/OR
  • Add a custom background behind the video streams, AND/OR
  • Customize the video stream in some other way

How can I do this?


This would be considered advanced video production and is generally beyond the feature capabilities of video streaming or video conferencing tools.

Units with local audiovisual (AV), video conferencing, and/or event support may provide this service or be able to otherwise advise. If you aren't sure if your unit has local support, start with Unit-Specific/Local Videoconferencing Support.

Michigan Media provides services for custom video production and is the best resource to support your need if your local support does not suffice/is not available. Refer to

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Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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