Live Streaming from Zoom




Live streaming is allowed from a UM Zoom webinar but not from a UM Zoom meeting.


The ITS Security team set the requirement to disable live streaming for Zoom Meetings and Bluejeans videoconferencig based on the following factors:

  • U-M's agreement with BlueJeans & Zoom provides certain institutional protections and assurances related to how U-M data can be used and shared.
  • U-M does not have a contract or other institutional agreement with Facebook or YouTube. Using Facebook or YouTube. 
    • Essentially, U-M data could be shared, sold, or used to track user behavior, serve ads, and more.
  • Using Facebook or YouTube with students in a classroom or advising context violates FERPA, due to the lack of the institutional protections found in U-M contracts and agreements.

Given there are differences in how data sharing and privacy work in Zoom Meetings vs Zoom Webinars, streaming in Zoom Webinars is allowed with the caveat that the streaming may not include anything to do with instruction or advising.  Streaming "Public" type events (graduations, other public programming) is permissible via the default providers.

Additional Information

Live streaming is available for webinars, even if it is toggled off in settings, because that setting is for meetings only. See (Note: disregard the "streaming a meeting" information, since this is not enabled.)


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Wed 5/13/20 2:39 PM
Thu 6/18/20 11:44 AM