Change Zoom Account Email to a Non-U-M Email




I have a personal Zoom account that uses my email address. How do I change to a email address so that I can continue to use my Zoom account and NOT join the U-M account?

Want to join the U-M account instead? Refer to these instructions.


  1. Create a ticket with Zoom (
    • Request type: Technical Support
    • Your email address: your email address (NOT
    • Subject: Change sign-in email
    • Description: copy/paste the below text EXACTLY as it is into the email--in particular, you must include the last sentence or your ticket may be auto-closed. Replace the text in the brackets with the new email address to change to. You will then use this new email address to sign in to Zoom. See Additional Information below for more information about selecting a new email address.
    • I would like to change my account sign-in email to: [INSERT YOUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS HERE]
      I cannot sign in and do this myself. I need your help to change the email and as the account owner I am giving you permission to make this change. Please see internal Zoom information about this issue in ticket #9775451.
    • Product: Core Product (Meetings & Webinars)
    • About: Settings & Configuration
    • Platform: Web
    • Reference: 9775451
  1. A Zoom Support agent will then work with you to change your account email. Then, one of the following will happen:
    • The Zoom Support agent will ask you to respond to the ticket from your NEW email address to confirm the change.
    • The new email address will receive an email confirmation. In this email, click Confirm and ContinueZoom sign-in email change confirmation with blue Confirm and Continue box highlighted

Additional Information

  • You CANNOT accomplish this by using Zoom Support chat or by logging in to Zoom to submit a ticket.
  • You MUST enter your email address that is associated with your Zoom account, so that they know that the request is coming from the account holder (you!).
  • The email address you want to change to must be a valid email address that you have access to.
  • The email address you want to change to must not already be associated with an existing Zoom account.
  • Don't have any other email addresses? Create a personal Google account to get a address.


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